Riley Neptune Outdoor Tisch schwarz / braun 7 Fuss

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Riley Neptune Outdoor Tisch schwarz / braun 7 Fuss

Art.Nr. Neptune braun

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Riley Neptune Outdoor Tisch schwarz / braun 7 Fuss

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Riley Neptune Outdoor Tisch schwarz / braun 7 Fuss


• 7' Outdoor American Pool Table.

• Complete Weather Proof Construction.

• Riley K66 Series Cushion Rubber.

• Modern Aluminium Slim Line Frame.

• American Pool 1 Piece 19mm Slate.     

• Weather Proof Polywood Top Frame.

• Complete with Cloth & Accessories.

• Available in 3 Colour Options.

• A Selection of 6 Weather Proof Cloths

• Complete with Dining Top & Benches


Constructed with all weather conditions in mind, the Riley Neptune table will create a great social centre piece for your home gatherings and

garden festivities.

Made with a weather proof aluminium main frame and poly wood top frame and bench tops.

Riley use a diamond honed, precision engineered, 1.9 cm thick slate. Sourced by our design engineers to our own exacting standards.

A single piece of slate cut and machined as one slab, to ensure consistency when the slates are laid down.


No joints, no lips, just one seamless precision engineered slate playfield.

We use K66 profile championship rubber for all our cushions to provide the best possible ball response.


As you would expect, the cushion profile is cut to American Pool specifications, designed to be used with full size 2.1/4" Aramith Pool balls.

The Riley Neptune is fitted with flat competition style bucket pockets as standard.


Our pockets can be concealed to create a truly inclusive piece of dining furniture that will not look out of place between family and friends -designed for all occasions.

Hainsworth Elite Pro

Weather Proof Cloth:

Especially selected for Riley American Pool tables, providing the optimum speed and response along with durability for outdoor use.


Available in a range of colours – personalise your table for a unique look.

Made In England
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