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RS Design Billardtisch Diagonal

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  • SW10092
RS Design Barcelona Billardtisch Modell: Diagonal Design: Yonoh Like a diagonal line, which... mehr
Produktinformationen "RS Design Billardtisch Diagonal"

RS Design Barcelona Billardtisch Modell: Diagonal
Design: Yonoh

Like a diagonal line, which crosses a space from end to end, this pool table fills any room with design, elegance and a playful attitude.
Diagonal pool table is inspired by the perfect lines of the game and one of the main streets of Barcelona, the city that inspired it and where it is manufactured. It shows in its design and in its simple and innovative forms that make it unique and timeless. Diagonal has achieved the perfect blend between play and design. With its light and modern lines and its variety of high-quality finishes, it fits into any environment, either alone or with one of our football tables or ping pong tables. Enjoy the game without giving up the design.
Available in American 7ft and American 8 ft.

Structure: Steel with polyester paint.
Cloth: Gorina 90% worsted wool and 10% nylon.
Slate board: 20 mm thickness 1 piece slate.
Legs: Steel with polyester paint and iroko, walnut or oak wood.
Cushion: K66 premium rubber cushion.

Length x Width x Height
- 7ft American: 235,5x135x79,5 cm / 92.7x53.3x31.4 in
Playing surface: 200x100 cm / 78.7x39.4 in

- 8ft American: 263,7x152x79,5 cm / 103.8x59x31.4 in
Playing surface: 224x112 cm / 88.2x44.1 in

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