Ozone Hyperlink Foil & Snowkite 5m2 Kite Only

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  • SWX-199429-0001
CLOSED CELL MODE Closed Cell Mode is recommended when riding on water. Inflation is quick and... mehr
Produktinformationen "Ozone Hyperlink Foil & Snowkite 5m2 Kite Only"

Closed Cell Mode is recommended when riding on water.
Inflation is quick and smooth after pre-inflating the kite.
If you are already an inflatable kite rider it will only take you one session to get to know the Hyperlink.
For twin tip riders once the kite is in the air and powered up the similarities to an inflatable kite can be felt.
It has progressive handling, generates smooth consistent power, great upwind performance and jumps well with long hang time and smooth landings.
Ideal for Foil Board riding, the Hyperlink produces more power than an inflatable kite size per size - this means you can use a smaller more maneuverable kite to generate power.

Maneuvers are made easy thanks to the stability and lift produced as the Hyperlink flies through the zenith – a great help when learning to tack and gybe giving you time and float to change board direction.
In light winds the Hyperlink will fly above you unlike inflatable kites that have a tendency to fall out of the sky. This makes getting set up for starting stress free.


Open Cell Mode is recommended when riding on snow or land.
Similar inflation as in Closed Cell Mode, slightly quicker due to the valve zips being open.
Snow and land riding are a blast, the easy inflation and 5-Line Re-Ride Release System means it can be taken anywhere safely.
The Hyperlink combines the perfect balance of handling, pop and float to make the most of terrain and flats.
It is easy to get big air on this machine!


Watch the how-to video to ensure you understand correct techniques and how to change between 4-Line and 5-line modes.

4-Line: The Hyperlink comes standard with our Front Line Flag Out Release System. This is recommended for water use – it is a simple and effective flag out when the release is activated – it works the same way as our 4-line inflatable water kite range.

5-Line (use in Open Cell mode only): The optional 5-Line Re-Ride Release System Conversion Kit is recommended for snow or land use. The Re-Ride Release System de-powers the kite instantly without tangling, and falls to the ground to re-launch when ready.

Back Line Brake Handle: A quick and easy landing option in light winds - the Hyperlink can be stalled down the ground using the Brake Handle.

Style: Allround
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